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      • Topro receives quality awards

        Topro recently received excellent quality awards from the German consumer test society "Test" and the magazine "Marktcheck". See http://www.topro.de/topro-inhalte/aktuelles/pressemitteilungen/pm-stiftungwarentest-2014-stellungnahme.html

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    Walkers for Seniors

    Visualize, activity, safety and joy of living. Our vision is to create pride and possibilities. The innovative new TOPRO mobility walkers for seniors are lightweight walkers that stand ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and the best possible comfort.Topro Mobility Aids from Norway are high end rollators and one of the best walkers for seniors. Now available in the USA. Enable yourself or a loved one to stay involved and safe. The worlds maybe best rollator and rolling walker is within reach, don't settle for buying an inexpensive mobility aid from Asia. Topro quality rollators are made in Europe with an active lifestyle in mind.